Comparison: 3 Platforms Paying You in Bitcoin for Uploading Images Recently th…


Comparison: 3 Platforms Paying You in Bitcoin for Uploading Images Recently three different startups have begun offering a way for anyone to earn bitcoin by uploading content such as images and videos. examines the differences between the three platforms. Also read:New Image Hosting Service Pays Thousands of Uploaders in Bitcoin Loopnroll Loopnroll allows users to publish photos short videos and animated gifs along with music that plays while viewing. For each view that a post gets a small amount of bitcoin is earned by its poster. Our site is about one year old but the BTC feature is just a few days old the Loopnroll team told adding that There are about 10000 posts on the site. According to the website the company shares about 50% of our profit with users and previous days earnings are automatically sent daily to users bitcoin wallets with no minimum payout. Your earnings will primarily depend on: number of views and geo-location of viewers the website says. A view from Sweden is worth a few times more than a view from Somalia the team clarified. Of the three platforms Loopnrolls interface looks the most like Imgur the worlds most popular such website. File.Army File Army launched its website in January and an Android app shortly thereafter. Users upload images and earn money when their posts are viewed liked and also when someone follows their account. Occasionally bonus money is offered from various activities such as logging in opening newsletters and more the site says adding that they are working on introducing pay-to-moderate soon. Users are paid daily without any minimum payout size. Currently JPG/JPEG GIF PNG and BMP are the supported file formats. The service has a unique pay scale based on the amount and quality of traffic which is graded over time according to the sites FAQ page. The scale potentially allows the service to pay power users more than its competitors because Users producing high-quality traffic can earn higher rates the startup explained. In File Armys payout structure there are overall 9 grades of pay. A new user starts off at the rank of Corporal and gets promoted or demoted depending on the quality of their traffic. Corporals earn $1 per 4000 views $1 per 100 likes and $1 per 50 followers. However Corporals have a cap of $2 per day. Meanwhile the maximum one can earn is $1 per 750 views $1 per 50 likes and $1 per 5 followers. This level is referred to as the Emperor and has a daily cap of $5000. One drawback to this system is that earnings received must be received in File Armys official bitcoin wallet called This web-based service is another project by File Armys founder Price Givens who has also created and a few other online businesses. File Armys platform has a white background and instead of the familiar side menu visitors have to swipe left or right to view more posts. Supload The service that has been paying bitcoin for uploaded images the longest isSupload which describes itself as free image hosting that splits the profits with you from advertising. has already profiled Supload back in December. The service also looks similar to Imgur with a few slight differences and allows users to upload images and videos. Currently jpg png webp gif are supported file types for images and mp/4 webm mov avi and gif are supported for videos which must be restricted to 30 seconds. The site pays 50% of its profits generated from ads displayed on its website and the minimum payout is $1 which can be withdrawn at any time. Which of the three platforms do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section below. Images courtesy of Shutterstock LoopNRoll File Army and Supload is a unique onlinedestinationin the bitcoin universe. Buying bitcoin? Do ithere. Want to speak your mind to other bitcoin users? Ourforumis always open and censorship-free. Like to gamble? We evenhave a casino. The post Comparison: 3 Platforms Paying You in Bitcoin for Uploading Images appeared first on Bitcoin News. from Bitcoin News via IFTTT Bitcoin News IFTTT

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