Just made 9% Profit, Using my bot with a 91% win rate for Direction Clues, Bitcoin Analytics 12.6.18


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Here is the link to the Back Test Result & List of Trades sheet:

Welcome, I’m riskTrader! I am the lead engineer/trader of the bitBull automated algorithmic trading strategies on Tradingview, you can find me @crytptoTrader_

I just want to share free bot signals and cultivate trader collaboration. A warm and welcoming place where members and I can share the trades they have placed and trade setups and ideas with others(edited)

Invite your Trading Friends To MiningTrades Call Room:
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Videos on How to use the free signals and community calls

felling bearish: https://youtu.be/8s1LeftiTCs

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BTC: 1DZSGzQK2ELffx7F3nLeKHnHu4uo34QPte
LTC: LTqYtizzF9f3P7HotDK4ShrzU5jJkDhrFv
ETH: 0xD329784E21C2DB68B6730B52b140a925ac381435

*Do not try this at home. I may lose money. This video for professional training, documentation, and educational purposes.

Done with candor


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