My Bitcoin Trading Strategy | 6,000% in profit over the last 2 years!


This is the full version to my system code published yesterday. That was purely a backtest version while this one is the real deal here ( To use it you need to follow that link and favourite it on your Trading View account. Now it is available in your favourites in your indicator window and you can use it on your own charts! Refer to that previous publication for some more written detail here ( I decided to publish it for free for the time being so people have a proper idea of how it works and whether or not it would add value to your trading arsenal.

I thought it would be beneficial for people to have access to the full system in order to understand how it works hands-on and I also decided to record a video to showcase how it works in a live trade situation as well a more in-depth explanation of the intuition behind it. If you want the full explanation, watch the first video, and if you want to just see how it works live then check out the second.

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Link to the full version of this strategy is here:


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