Profit Bitcoin Review – Scam Revealed!


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Welcome to this profit bitcoin review. In this video, I want to to warn you about a scam service you must avoid using if you care about your money. I’m talking about Profit Bitcoin app. Basically what it is, is an investing platform, with which you can supposedly make a lot of money in a short period of time, by trading bitcoin and crypto currencies.

This website changed its domain several times and it’s hard to know in which version you are going to run into it. In fact, this is a known scam that appear online in different names and under different domains. For example – bitcoin code and the bitcoin wealth.

What’s important to me is that when you come across one of their promotion campaigns, you’ll recognize its main characteristics, so you can remember to be careful and stay away from anything they offer you. And if you are wondering why i’m so convinced this is not a legit site, then in this review i’m going to show you some of the most problematic facts about it.


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